The NPPL D.C. and PSP Mid Atlantic Open events have come and gone; the winners have been crowned and the losers have taken their lickings. With that in mind, we are proud to present our second version of the new PRO Paintball Power Rankings. Read on to find out where your favorite pro paintball team ranks amongst the worlds elite.

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Legends of Paintball – Best Paintball Players

Paintball Age Limit

The Best Paintball Helmet


Playing regularly since 1997. Competed in local, regional, national and international paintball series. Founded and lead Long Beach State to a National Collegiate Championship victory. Proudly banned from the NPPL after legitimately winning a 5 on 1. Have since made it a hobby to promote paintball and at the same time make a point to call out paintball industry shenanigans and those that intentionally impede the growth of paintball. Welcome to