New Paintball Video Game: XField Paintball 3

 New Paintball Video Game: XField Paintball 3

XField Paintball 3 has officially launched on STEAM. The studio, based out of Toulouse, France, is picking up where Digital Paintball left off. They have built out a full first-person shooter paintball game. Players will face off in 5 vs 5 matches and need to leverage tactics and each other in order to win.

The new paintball video game is available now on PC/Windows Machines. Prior to the start of each match a captain will be randomly selected to lead each team. Players will be assigned the roles of rusher, shooter and tactician. In game communication is handled similiar to other video games with scripted commands though we expect Team Speak or Skype will find their places.

The studio – XField Paintball Studio – is built of 12 seasoned veterans dedicated to making an innovative paintball game focusing on competition and team play.

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