New Paintball Loader from Valken – VMAX

In November of 2010, ProPaintball staff writer Brad Johnson received a sneak peak at the new paintball loader from Valken known as the VMAX. Initial photographs resembled a loader in the design phase and not much more was known.

Gino Postorivo, Valken CEO, confirmed with Brad Johnson the following details;

We have 30 years of Paintball loader MFG experience working in the Valken R&D dept. With 22+ bps, no tools neccessary,comes apart in Seconds and is very light in comparison to others. Valken Dealers will be extremely happy.
129.99 MSRP

Thank you
Gino Postorivo

A photograph surfaced online of a completed VMAX loader in product packaging and ready to ship. Looks like this is the real deal folks;

valken vmax paintball loader fullsize