New Paintball Loader from GI Sports

A photo surfaced today with GI Sports sales team member Shawn McGovern in a conference room. At first glance the photo is pretty standard. However, upon closer inspection we were able to locate a prototype paintball loader hidden on the shelving behind. The loader seems to resemble a HALO, but if ProPaintball insiders are correct, it is anything but.

We have zoomed in on the original photo for a close up.

New Paintball Loader from GI Sports?
New Paintball Loader from GI Sports?

Read on for additional details from our insiders.

According to ProPaintball insiders, the loader pictured is a prototype SLS model. Last March you may recall we unveiled a sneak peak at the new paintball loader codenamed CYPHER. Are they one in the same? Could this be an updated version?GI Sports developing a paintball loader would be an interesting development. In the past the company was responsible for the Draxxus Pulse which while plagued with intellectual property issues, was one of the best paintball loaders on the market.

What are your thoughts on this new development? Is this the PULSE 2.0?


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