Pro paintball team Edmonton Impact, Planet Eclipse, and are proud to unveil the new paintball jersey for Impact’s 2011 season. Edmonton’s 2011 sponsors include Planet Eclipse, Draxxus paintballs, Exalt,, MRPaintball, Vforce goggles, Paintball Action Games, PBNation, PaintballPhotography, and During the 2010 off season, Impact picked up Tim Montressor from Aftershock and Chad George from Dynasty to augment the teams already all-star roster. Below is a first look at the new Impact 2011 paintball jersey and a revisiting of the Impact GEO2. Both of these products are available from the teams store on

New Paintball Jersey: Edmonton Impact

ProPaintball caught up with Impact’s Josh Davey for a few words on the Impact GEO2;

“The new eclipse geo paintball gun is sick as f**k! One of my favorite Impact Guns.”

New Paintball Gun: Edmonton Impact Eclipse GEO 2


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