The new Planet Eclipse Etha paintball gun is targeted at players looking for an economical alternative to the high priced paintball guns on the market. Based on an aluminum body and a polymer grip frame, the Planet Eclipse Etha is both light weight and very durable. With a price of only $399.95, this paintball gun is definitely worth checking out. Read on for photos, details, and full product specs.

New Paintball Gun: Planet Eclipse Etha
Planet Eclipse Etha, the new paintball gun from Eclipse.

Planet Eclipse Etha, New Paintball Gun From Eclipse

Our friends at German paintball website alerted us to a new paintball gun that was spotted at a scenario paintball game in Germany. The new paintball gun, known as the Planet Eclipse Etha, uses a single tube design, similar to the Planet Eclips GEO. The Etha was used by “Operation Sandbag”, a team composed of Planet Eclipse workers and friends.

New Paintball Gun: Planet Eclipse Etha

This new paintball gun will be unveiled at the 2011 PSP World Cup. According to Planet Eclipse sources, a limited number of the new Etha paintball guns will be on display for dealers to evaluate. We are hoping that a few of the Planet Eclipse Etha paintball guns will be available for sale to the public. Insiders suggest the new paintball guns will be released to dealers in time for the 2011 Christmas season.

Updated 10/13/11: The Etha paintball gun is now available for purchase. Full specs have been released.

Planet Eclipse Etha – New Paintball Gun Specs

MSRP: $399.99

Planet Eclipse Etha Dimensions

  • Weight: 930g/2.05lb Including 14.5 Shaft4 Barrel, Battery, Feed Tube, POPS
  • Length: 539mm Including 14.5 Shaft4 Barrel
  • Height: 212mm
  • Width: 33.5mm

Planet Eclipse Etha Materials

  • Body: 6061-T6 Aluminium
  • Barrel: 6061-T6 Aluminium
  • Frame: Glass Reinforced Nylon
  • Feed: Glass Reinforced Nylon
  • Eye Covers: Glass Reinforced Nylon

Planet Eclipse Etha Electronics

  • Interface: Single Push Button plus Tourney Lock
  • Display: 1 x Tri-Color LED Indicators
  • Solenoid voltage: 9Volts
  • Processor voltage: 5 Volts
  • Processor: 8-Bit 2MHz
  • Power Supply : 1 x 9V (PP3) Battery

Planet Eclipse Etha Hardware

  • ASA Mount: T-Slot mounted adjustable rail with Front Exit OOPS (On/Off Purge System)
  • Trigger Methods: Micro Switch
  • Trigger Mechanism: Leaf Spring
  • Trigger Pivot: Self Lubricating Sintered Brass Bushing
  • Barrel: 2-Piece Micro Honed Shaft4 14.5″ length 0.693″ Bore
  • Feed Tube: Lever Operated Clamping Feed

Planet Eclipse Etha Pneumatics

  • Operating Principle: In-Line Blow Forward Bolt
  • Solenoid Type: High Pressure Solenoid Valve
  • Drive Mechanism: Dual Force Pull Poppet
  • Bolt Mechanism: Rubber Tipped CS Bolt

Planet Eclipse Etha Ergonomics

  • Grip Type: Contoured Dual Density Grip
  • Grip Pitch: 156mm

Planet Eclipse Etha Firmware

  • Firing Modes: Semi and Ramping Capped and Uncapped
  • Debounce Modes: 10 Debounce Modes


What are your thoughts on the new paintball gun? Is this a GEO3? Or, will the Planet Eclipse Etha be an mid-level paintball gun much like the Etek? Share your comments below.

Photo Credit: NogShot


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