New Paintball Gear: Empire Redline Foregrip for the AXE, Mini Paintball Guns

Following on the heals of the announcement of new paintball gear for 2012 and the Empire Sniper paintball gun, Empire Paintball has announced the release of another highly sought after paintball product. Today’s announcement focuses in on the rumored oled forgrip upgrade for the Empire AXE paintball gun.

The Empire Redline¬†fore grip and OLED board has been in testing throughout the 2011 paintball season by pro paintball teams Sacramento XSV, LA Infamous, Chicago Legend and Vancouver Vendetta. ProPaintball’s favorite feature of the new Redline foregrip: the special joy stick controller for the OLED board that makes customizing your settings a breeze. Hat tip to Empire product developer Jamie Ezell — great work!

This Redline pro grip is designed to fit on both Invert Mini and Empire AXE paintball guns. ProPaintball staff members had a chance to check out the Redline pro grip earlier this year and were very impressed with the functionality and ease of use.

New Paintball Gear: Empire Redline Paintball Grip

New Paintball Gear: Redline Pro Grip Empire Axe

Official Empire Redline Feature list:

  • Joystick Interface
  • Utilizes Nano-Watt Technology
  • Extremely Low Power Management
  • Up to 16 Million Operations per Second
  • Interrupt based Processes for Fastest Response
  • Tournament tested by XSV, Infamous, Legend and Vendetta
  • Fits Axe and Mini markers

Retail price is rumored to be approximately $220.00.


Empire AXE and Mini owners, what do you think of the Empire Redline Pro Grip?