New Gun: Shocker RSX


A legend is reborn. The Shocker RSX paintball gun was unveiled today at Paintball Extravaganza. Brought back (from the dead) to the market by a company known officially as ‘SP Paintball’ — unofficially as Smart Parts — and fronted by long time Smart Parts and professional paintball ambassador Tim Montressor, the gun has made a huge splash on the market. If you look closely, you might find former Smart Parts founders Adam and Bill Gardner nearby.

Shocker RSX paintball gun in Purple
Shocker RSX Paintball gun in Lime Green


timmontressorpaintballPaintball players posting on social media seemed more than thrilled that the Shocker brand was coming back to market. Images of the new paintball gun have gone viral and you can bet the first batch will be difficult to get your hands on.

Shocker RSX Paintball Gun features include;

  • Mid market price point
  • OLED display
  • Ultralight weight grip frame
  • Integrated Regulator
  • Spool Valve (quiet and smooth shooting)
  • Break Beam eyes
  • 1.7 lbs base ewight
  • Autococker Threads
  • 9 volt battery

Additional information can be found via