The Aftermath vs. Impact game was a shutout, Impact appears to be unable to dent the aftermath machine. Final score: Aftermath 9, Impact 0.

Xfactor started the match against the Ironmen 4 to 1 and from the spectator side they seemed to be dominating the Ironmen. The Ironmen seemed to hold Xfactor at 4 points and started chalking up points for themselves until luck ran out and Ironmen received a penalty for a dirty flag hang. Game eventually ended with 7 points for each team. The Ironmen went into over time against Xfactor with a minor which forced them to start with 4 players instead of the traditional 5. Xfactor took Ironmen and finished the game 8-7. Ironmen received 1 point (in over all scores) and will advance onto Sunday.

Saturday NXL Scores
07:00am – Aftermath (1) vs. BYE (0)
08:00am – Damage (7) vs. Aftershock (3)
09:00am – Legion (6) vs. Impact (5) (5:5 OT Game)
10:00am – Americans (6) vs. N. Dogs (8)
11:00am – Ironmen (7) vs. X-Factor (8) (7:7 OT Game)
01:00pm – Infamous (5) vs. Dynasty (8)
02:00pm – Aftermath (9) vs. Impact (0)
03:00pm – Damage (6) vs. N. Dogs (4)
04:00pm – Americans (6) vs. Aftershock (5)
05:00pm – Legion (1) vs. BYE (0)

The following teams will be competing in the NEO Sunday Club:

Naughty Dogs
Philly All Americans
Russian Legion

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