Rumor of the day: Naughty Dogs find a new home

naughty dogsPro Paintball insiders have informed us that the Portland Naughty Dogs have signed a multi-year agreement with a major paintball company. With the teams former sponsor Smart Parts currently experiencing financial hardship, it was only a matter of time before someone picked them up.Pro Paintball insiders have informed us that all signs point to the Dogs using head to toe DYE gear, shooting DYE NT’s and possibly Myth regulators and custom bottles from Guerilla air. This would be the second multi-year agreement from DYE that we have heard of in the last couple of days, the last of which involved San Diego Aftermath. Interesting to note, both the Naughty Dogs and Aftermath had previously been using DLX and Shockers from Smart Parts.

For those of you in the Sacramento area this weekend, be sure to stop by Capital Edge Paintball Park and watch the Naughty Dogs practice against San Francisco Explicit.