Right on the heels of Mrod getting back in the game, Dynasty Entourage has added Rondell Philipone (ex Ironmen/SF Design) to the roster. Squires is not out yet, sources tell us the team plans on rotating everyone out equally with each team member sitting one match.

A player swap is rumored to be underway in the Jersey Authority camp. Teammates Timmy Propst and Carthy will be changing places with Greg Hastings and Max Lundquist on Method of Destruction/Jersey Authority. Apparently Timmy and Carthy have been playing quite well this season and the owner is relying on them to make a power play. Sources tell us team owner Ron Butler is trying to lock in a top 3 finish in the semi-pro division to insure a pro spot for both teams next season.

Brandon Mayo (US Navy), Robbie Pettinelli (Icemen) and Cheesechips (ex LTZ) have reportedly filled the positions of Ronnie and Mrod on SF Design. Last we heard, B-mayo had enlisted and was locked into a long term commitment with the Navy but looking to make a comeback. That sure was quick!

San Diego Aftermath has reportedly axed Nick Hooper from the D1 team. Throughout the weekend our very own PBR chatbox was discussing the D1 teams progress during practice. According to our readers (thats you guys! thx), scrimmages against pro teams Infamous and XSV went very well, the team reportedly stomped the Infamous squad 5 games in a row. Team owner Mike Hinman was said to be back in the game and leading his soldiers to victory. Look for him to be back on the field at NPPL Houston.

Bushwackers are up to their same old tricks. Ron is reportedly filling out the Anaheim rosters with talent cherry picked (and soon to be popped) from division 2. Moving on up the ladder is Donald Le (Island breed) and Johnny Two-tits (Aftermath d1) along with two others. Ron’s Bushwackers are currently ranked 8th in Pro, and holding onto 9th and 20th in Semi-Pro. Good luck guys.

Last but not least, Damien Ryan of HK will be sitting out NPPL Houston due to a soccer match with his University. Ryan is reportedly on a soccer scholarship and no amount of free guns from Gio can fix that one. Lighthen up HK fans, Gio’s son Bear will be filling in Damien Ryans position and shouldering the blame when the team blows it. Hey Kressin brothers, get those scissors and cut the fat while you still can!

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