After a seemingly quite couple of weeks, pro paintball teams are once again making moves. This week we showcase the latest news and rumors from San Francisco Explicit, Scottsdale Elevation, Entourage and more. Read on for the latest paintball news and rumors for the week of December 14th.

  • Scottsdale Elevation will be competing in the PSP Semi Pro divison. Elevation pro paintball player Tim Cerruti is rumored to have moved to Northern California.
  • San Francisco Explicit is rumored to be playing PSP Semi Pro as well. Word is that sponsorship will play a big part in the decision. For those of you looking for a pro paintball team, SF Explicit is said to be scheduling a second set of tryouts after the first of the year. We will keep you updated.
  • Nu School University practiced X-ball against Fuzion and San Francisco Explicit at Capital Edge Paintball Park. Maybe that Explicit rumor wasn’t too far off, eh?
  • Credible sources tell us that VICIOUS/Entourage player Dalton Vanderbyl and Hollywood HK player Bear D’Egidio have both signed on to play with Entourage in 2010. Rumor has it that the team will be shooting Bob Long Victory paintball guns but nothing is official yet.
  • Word has it that Frank “the Tank” Connell and Draxxus have parted ways. Frank handled the South East region for DXS and word is DXS is trying to find someone to fill the void. Draxxus was the paintball sponsor for USPL pro team Avalanche and we can only imagine this will have an impact on the teams sponsorship. No word yet on the future of the team. We wish Frank the best!


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