propaintball-iconThe Paintball World Cup is quickly approaching and athletes and their pro teams are making the adjustments they think will best position themselves to succeed. Read on for the latest paintball news and rumors from Hostile Kids, Sacramento XSV, San Diego Aftermath, San Diego Dynasty, the OC Bushwackers and San Antonio X-Factor.

We’ve learned that Hostile Kid Jerry Desvarieux was out practicing with Phoenix United. Word has it that he has officially left fri-_mg_6992Hollywood HK and plans to finish out the season playing pro in the USPL 7-man series.

Sounds like practice at Camp Pendleton was action packed. Archie flew out for the weekend to mix it up with his new teammates on San Diego Dynasty while Rich Telford and the boys from Sacramento XSV were busy trying to figure out who is staying and who is going. XSV is said to have around 12 players on their team right now including new comers Jerry D’amato of the Bushwackers, Riley Sullivan, and returning to the team is Anthony Parsons.

aftermathiiWord has it that pro team SD Aftermath is making some adjustments to their roster. Credible sources indicate that SDA picked up veteran pro Shane Howe from the OC Bushwackers and former Palm Beach Viper Kyle Spicka for the remainder of 2009 and the entire 2010 season. Both players are said to be playing with the currently undefeated Aftermath II. Word has it that the team offered Todd Martinez a position on the starting 5 and that they plan to announce another pickup later this week.

San Antonio X-Factor is rumored to have offered Todd Martinez a spot, which we find funny as Archie just left the team for Dynasty and it would be an old fashion swich-a-roo should Todd accept. Doubtful, but funny. In other news, Matt Pelto is said to be practicing with X-Factor again.


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