The last few weeks have been noticeably quiet in the paintball rumor mills. After the pre-season rush of pro paintball teams picking up players and making roster adjustments, many teams and players have settled into the season. However, recent reports indicate that a few pro paintball teams are making moves. Read on for the latest pro paintball news and rumors.

Pro Paintball insiders have informed us that Steven “Son” Dabillis is in the process of leaving or has left Chicago Aftershock to join the Army.

Pat Roberts who recently split ways with VICIOUS is rumored to be be joining Aftershock and filling in for former teammate Dabillis.

Pro Paintball insiders report that the Russian Legion is in final stages of negotiations with an unnamed pro player. Word is they will be picking up someone from LA Infamous. Feel free to speculate below..

VICIOUS is rumored to be testing out a new strain of RPS paintballs.