propaintball-iconTodays paintball rumor report features several top athletes, a few injuries and rumor of a major mid-west X-ball team playing Pro Paintball in 2010. Read on for the latest paintball news.

  • Ethan Sillars from the currently undefeated Aftermath II semi pro team will be sitting World Cup. Ethan’s appendix ruptured last week and he went into surgery shortly after.
  • Todd Martinez is rumored to be playing PSP World Cup with longtime friends Greg Paulie, Bryan Bortol and Dalton Vanderbyl on VICIOUS. For those of you wondering why Todd is not playing with Dynasty, be sure to check out Todd’s exclusive statement on Pro Paintball. Rumor has it VICIOUS is setting up to play PRO during the 2010 season and Todd would be a strong pick up for the team. It has been confirmed that Gino Benedicto, formerly of Infamous, will be added to the already talented roster of VICIOUS to compete in the PSP World Cup.
  • Speaking of Dynasty, Ryan “Machine Gun” Martin was invited to practice with his old teammates on the Pro team San Diego Dynasty the weekend before last.. Ryan has been playing with Dynasty Entourage in the NPPL, Aftermath II for PSP events and the Amsterdam Xistence in the Millennium Series. Rumor has it he might be making a come back to the San Diego Dynasty Pro team for the 2009 PSP World Cup.
  • Ramzi El-yousef from Tampa Bay Damage has been injured. Damage fans can rest easy as word has it he should be recovered in time for World Cup.
  • Andrew “Dirt” Yundt has quit Indianapolis Mutiny. We are not sure what prompted the decision but wish him the best of luck in his future endeavors. On a related note, it appears that the Mutiny team website has been updated. Mutiny has by far one of the best looking pro paintball, be sure to take a look.