MLB And Paintball: TB Rays Closer Farnsworth Does X-Ball

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Tampa Bay Rays closing pitcher Kyle Farnsworth took time off from tacking up K’s on the mound to see how many G’s he could rack up on the field. Accompanied by an extensive television crew from FSN’s Florida station, Farnsworth took to the fields of Blitzkrieg Paintball in Tampa, Florida to run through a couple points with his local team, the Predators.

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Along with a mix-up of local players, Tampa Bay Damage heavy hitters Mike Carthy, Timmy Propst and Chad Busiere were all in attendance to play with and against Farnsworth’s squad. Paintball has been a hobby for both Farnsworth and his young son, and they seemed to be relatively versed in all the basic strategy and mechanics of X-Ball play. Filming of this took place on May 26th and it is to be used for an upcoming episode of Inside the Rays, a television show aired throughout Florida that focuses on the current happening of Tampa Bay Rays players. Paintball’s presence in Florida is particularly strong, and this is just a testament to that. For any players living in Florida who want to catch it, the production crew estimated that the episode should be shown sometime around June 16th on Fox Sports Florida (Sun Sports).