The Millennium Gun Connection

millenniumlogoBaca Loco over at View from the Deadbox has word on some shenanigans taking place over at the Millennium event in Turkey. Right on the heels of the proposed German paintball ban the premier European league is said to be giving major recognition and possibly title rights (Read: Millennium Sarsilmaz) to Turkish small arms manufacture Sarsilmaz. According to the story, some of the Millennium series sponsors may be trying to blame the “gun connection” as the primary reason for not traveling to the event. Logistics is never an issue, right? Anyhow, check out the juice herehere and here.

Readers, what are your thoughts on the issue of gun manufactures joining as sponsors our sport? As tournament paintball players we have fought for years to distance ourselves from the “gun toting, wanabe army” stereotype. However, in the last 2 years we have courted both the US ARMY and Marines as anchor sponsors of the NPPL series as well as seen a major shift by the PBINDUSTRY into the military simulation market.

What has prompted the sudden change? What would you say if gun and ammo manufactures Winchester and/or Smith & Wesson came on board as major sponsors of the PSP?