1. London Nexus
2. Philly Dogs
3. Budapest Bullets
4. Moscow Caste
5. Joy Division

Congrats to Nexus on making it to the top. Curious though to see Joy Division once again missing the final 4. Two events in a row! Whats this world coming to?

There is an interesting upset taking place in paintball. The once premier teams, Dynasty (Triple Crown Champions/NPPL+PSP) & Joy Division (Millenium Circuits) are both finding themselves hanging by a thread by the time the Sunday club comes around. Once upon a time both these teams had world reknown training programs, the Joy guys with the first reball training center and the Dynasty program being so successful it went to DVD. Was that all a clever marketing gimick or have they just gotten comfortable at the top? Hey! Maybe they were just letting the “lesser” teams catch up.

With major changes taking place, namely Joy out of the USA and Dynasty losing BC, rest assured that both teams will be seriously reevaluating their situation and creating a plan to retake the podium.

Could 2008 be the changing of the guard?

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