[UPDATE] Making a Wish Come True – FRE$H-paintball.com

UPDATE 10/16


The weekend of NPPL DC Challenge [video archive] came with it a variety of emotions. Many teams spent the weekend grinding it out against one another, battling for a spot on the Sunday bracket. Some teams pulled together and prevailed, while others stared defeat starkly in the face. Sunday, being a photographer on the Pro field this was all too apparent. Teams won and lost in 7 minutes of heated exchange that left a definite winner and loser. I must say it was certainly thrilling to capture that emotion in the frame of my camera; however that was not what left the greatest impression on me that weekend.

Earlier in the day I was talking to David Archibald (Archie), the owner of Identity paintball, and coach of St. Louis Avalanche. Our topic of conversation ranged from paintball to the food the Pev’s staff was serving, but as a teenage boy in an Infamous jersey passed us I noticed Archie’s attention had shifted. He then related to me the story that would make my heart sink.

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Dave “Archie” Archibald, who has partnered with owner/operator Mike Muniz, provided us with the following info on the new company, FRE$H-paintball.com

FRE$H-paintball.com is a new apparel company out of PA that is geared towards the paintball players, the teams, and the fans.  Over the fall and winter, you will see a number of products introduced.  The scope of our products early on will consist of t-shirts, long-sleeves, hoodies, beanies & headbands…  Oh yeah, we are even working on some other cool stuff as well, but you will have to wait for that product announcement in the near future 🙂  In addition to our own line of apparel, we will provide teams with their very own custom apparel.  Why always wear what everyone else is wearing when you can wear your very own?? right??

We are a very new company and as we move forward, you can look towards the launch of our new website that I can assure will be rockin.  Plus a few announcements here and there that will be coming up as well.  One announcement that I can tell you is that we have chosen Identity out of the Boston, MA area as our first sponsored team.  Definitely check them out in the future wearing their own FRE$H gear.  We are also in the process of hopefully bringing on one of the NPPL Pro 7-man teams as well.

For updates, announcements, and product releases… Please visit ‘FRE$H-paintball.com’ on Facebook today!!

It’s time for everyone to get FRE$H!!!

If you don’t know how…  FRE$H-paintball.com’s local poster boy, Adam Correia will show you how.


FRE$H-paintball.com is putting together and selling a t-shirt where all the proceeds will go to getting LS and his family to the NPPL Championships in Las Vegas.


The cost of the t-shirts are $15.00 plus $3.00 for shipping
Payments can be made via paypal at: [email protected]

Everyone here at ProPaintball.com wants to thank everyone involved in this wonderful cause for an awesome person! This is just more proof of the love and support our paintball community shares.

UPDATE 10/16:

The shirts are now being printed up and will start shipping out on Monday 10/17. There is a limited supply of 100 shirts.

We need you to help us acheive our goal and give LS and his parents a special weekend together at the Las Vegas NPPL Event.

Order your T-shirt now! Only $15 for this special limited edition T-shirt. Only 100 printed, so grab them now. We plan to sell out by the end of the week.

To order, paypal: [email protected]
Please add $3 for shipping.

Your order helps acheive our goal and fulfill someone’s dream.

We thank you all who have supported this effort.


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