Leon Styles sells Tombstone Reball Center

62Leon Styles (designed Kingman Rocking Trigger, patent holder and off road racer) has reportedly sold the Tombstone Training Center for an undisclosed sum. The Tombstone Training Center was set to revolutionize paintball practices by removing the most expensive variable, paint, and replacing it with rubber balls (ala Reball). The training center was the closest thing to free paintball, where by players were only responsible for a $17.00 all day pass. The facility, located in Long Beach, CA, and has been home to weekly pro paintball clinics hosted by Jon Millman, Glenn Takemoto, Thomas “Troll” Taylor, and Brandon Short.

Below the X-ball field, members of the Los Angeles SWAT teams regularly train for counter-terrorist and urban operations in a office building type of environment.

100_2241The facilities location in the heart of downtown long beach served as a prime ambassador for our sport by showcasing tournament paintball in a very clean and professional manner and introducing new paintball players to the game. There is no word what the new owner plans to do with the training center, although we can only hope that they will keep the doors open and continue to make improvements. In times of economic difficulty, innovations such as these will insure players have the ability to practice as a team for a fraction of the cost.


Thanks to Glenn for giving us the heads up!