There are only 16 of these much anticipated DM ST-Rippers to be had. The lightest DM to be produced comes fully equipped with a Billy Wing polished bolt and Critical Trigger. Get in touch with Chris as soon as possible to be one of the select few to hold this trophy paintball marker.

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  • Critical Trigger
  • Redesigned Smaller Body with 3D Styling
  • New One Piece Eye Covers (Patent Pending) without external Eye Plates
  • Hyper3 Reg
  • New durable and super-flexible detents
  • Miniature modular internal LPR
  • Ergonomic Ultralight .45 grip frame with Sticky 3 grip
  • Two piece DYE 14″ Ultralite barrel
  • No rise lever lock clamping feedneck
  • Cast aluminum inset DYE logo