Billy Bernacchia has just returned home from his second trip to the LAPPL playing along side team Peru Paintball. Here’s what he had to say:

This was a big South American event in a soccer stadium. Myself and Brian Gigliotti guest with Peru Paintball once again and took 1st place. The competition was very good, many teams had guest pros who help their teams lots.

Billy Bernacchia, Brian Gigliotti (Hurricanes)- Peru Paintball
Frank Connell (Avalanche)- Fusion
Frankie Garcia (Rage)- Papelatto
Mikko Huttunen, Xalo Almedia (Ironmen)- Evolution
Scott Kemp (Ironmen)- Inca Killerz
Thomas Taylor (xsv). Tony Perez- Monosalvaje

Final Standings
1st- Peru Paintball
2nd- Papelatto
3d- Monosalvje
4th- Evolution

Another great event, Thanks to Planet Eclipse, Jacko, Mike Canto, Alex Reed & everyone who helped out!
Looking forward to Brazil in July!!