L.I.F.T. Paintball: The Road to Chicago

Paintball teams across the nation are gearing up for PSP Chicago Open and the event is shaping up to be exceptional. Last week we featured several rumors of Pro, Semi Pro and Division 1 paintball teams re-working and repositioning themselves for the 2nd Race-ball event of the season. Today we feature a video of division 1 paintball team L.I.F.T. out of Long Island, New York. These kids have fought their way up through the ranks and are now a top division 1 paintball team. With the recent pick up of Sean Murray to pro paintball team Sacramento XSV, there is no doubt that pro paintball teams are keeping their eyes on the rising stars from Long Island.


According to legendary paintball photographer Matt Dawson, a full story on L.I.F.T. will be featured in the upcoming issue of Feature This!, a tournament paintball magazine.