Empire Paintball re-signs with VICIOUS

Empire Paintball Sponsors Team VICIOUS in 2011
Sewell, NJ, January 27th, 2011, Empire Paintball. Empire Paintball announced today that they are continuing their sponsorship of Team Vicious.
“We are super stoked to be sponsoring VICIOUS again this year,”
said Jason A. Taitano, VP of Marketing.
“They have so much passion for the game and with their rookie year behind them, we all have great expectations for them. With a combination of their talent, coaching, and solid support system, they are poised to set new standards for 2011.”
“Team VICIOUS is excited to continue with Empire and Evil Paintballs for the 2011 season. The team will continue to wear the E-Vent Goggle System at PSP tournaments this year – the goggle is not only comfortable to wear, but also provides excellent protection for your face, jaw, and ears,”
said Greg Pauley with Team VICIOUS.
“We will also be using the Empire Prophecy – we had great success with this loader last year. Several of the players have expressed their pleasure in wearing Empire pants again for the 2011 season, as they are extremely durable and super comfortable. And how could a team not be excited about shooting Ultra Evil paintballs? Ultra Evil has been the pinnacle of high end tournament paint for as long as I can remember.”
Team VICIOUS is the first Empire Paintball Pro team announcement for 2011. With more announcements on the horizon, Empire Paintball again looks to create a dominant presence on the professional paintball circuit.
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