Paintball’s Up & Coming player of the week: Jacob Edwards

4455983340 8cfb658723 bThis weeks Player of the Week goes out to Jacob Edwards. The last name says it all, the younger brother of Jason “FK” Edwards is out on the grind and quickly making a name for himself. At 14 years old, this week he will be making his Professional Debut with Tampa Bay Damage at the USPL Huntington Beach.

Name: Jacob Edwards

Age: 14

Hometown: Orlando, Florida

Hobbies other than Paintball?: Baseball!

Team & Home field: I play with Total Karnage Orlando in the PSP Division 1, and Tampa Bay Damage in USPL Pro 7-man. My home field is Paintball World Sports Complex in Orlando, FL.

827040447 FycWV MPosition on the field: Doritos and up the gut

Favorite Pro Team: Tampa Bay Damage (DUH!)

Favorite Pro Players: Jason “FK” Edwards, Brian Smith, Ryan Moorehead, Chad Busiere and all of Tampa Bay Damage

Favorite Tournament Accomplishment? Finishing in the Top 3

Advice to Any New Players? Give it a 110% every time you play because this might be the last time you see the field.

Life Mentors? My brother Jason, Mom and Dad, The Tampa Bay Coaches & Graham from Philly and Jimmy Nilsen. I wouldn’t be playing paintball if it wasnt for these people.

827040282 uTu9p MHow is paintball different in Florida? Beautiful weather mostly, cost of paintball, and the talent thats always at the field.

Goal for this season? At least place in the top 3 every tournament.

What is your #1 Goal? I set my goal when I was 10 to be the youngest pro ever and I have reached it!

I want to thank everybody who has given me advise in the past including all of Damage players Ian Wooten, Jimmy Nilsen, Mom and Dad, Darryl from DLX, Dye Products, and mostly importantly my brother Jason.