Ironmen vs. Americans

team_ironmen_logoFirst point goes quickly to the Ironmen making it 1-0 and both teams receive minor penalties. Point two goes even quicker, and the All Americans were capable of quickly shutting down the Men and tie the game up at 1-1. The third point of the match rode out very slowly with both teams controlling their positions. Philadelphia closes with 5 alive, after Jason Edwards made a strategic move down the dorito side to open up the game and help win the point. Philly takes another power point after Oliver Lang ran down the dorito side and ended up getting caught. Tim Montressor and Steve Dabilis close off Nicky Cuba and hang the flag making it 3-1. Brandon Short turns the next game around quickly by shooting two players from the Men’s snake 2, but ends up getting caught by Jason Edwards. Ironmen take nthe point making it 2-3 with 8:51 to play. Philly wins another drawn out point with 5:17 left to go, and a 4-2 lead. Ryan Moorehead makes it to the 50 dorito but misses the shot on Brandon Short leaving the penalty box. With Mike Paxson playing from the snake side, Brandon Short taking the center A and Billy Wing holding dorito 2, they are able to make it a 1 point game at 3-4 with 2:49 to play.

Nicky Cuba and Ryan Moorehead get shot in the first seconds of the 8th point following strong breakouts on both sides. With the Americans having a large advantage on the field and less than 30 seconds to play, Jason Edwards gets a major penalty. This allows the Ironmen to tie up the match, the score is 4-4 with :23 to play.


Tim Montressor makes an amazing move down the snake on Nicky Cuba while he is shooting at Jason Edwards leaving the box. Tim ends up being eliminated and leaving only Mikko Huttunen on the field to grab the flag.

Ironmen win the 2009 PSP Mid Atlantic Open.