Ironmen lose a key piece of the "winning combo"

ironmen_timebomb After 3 years of hard work, veteran coach Shane Pestana has officially retired as head coach of the Ironmen. Pestana played a crucial part in turning the Ironmen around from Youngbloods red headed stepchild of a team to the 2x Consecutive World Champions we know them as today. Leaving the team fresh off a second World Championship win is a wonderful way to finish his career.

Sources report the team is in negotiations with Chris Lasoya (ha!), and “Coach Steve” from Velocity Paintball Park (who we should note holds a whopping D3 background). From the looks of things, JR, Cuba, Paxson and Ollie may try and run the matches on their own. Mark our words folks, Shane Pestana’s departure is a major loss for the World Champion Ironmen.

Will the Ironmen continue to reign PSP World Champions? Sound off in the comments below!