Iran Paintball League Videos

Recently filmed in the 1st event of INPL (Iran National Paintball League) held on 13-15 May 2009. All the teams in the videos are from the Iranian Pro Division. There are 8 teams in Pro Division of INPL: Datis, Persian Legend, Datis 2, Ariana, Swat, Giv, Tigers and Persian Stars.

Iran National Paintball League has a website ( ). Unfortunately the language pack is in Persian and the English part of website is currently inactive.

At the end of 2009 season, Datis took the 1st place in overall winning all the tournaments. Persian Legend took the 2nd, and second team of Datis placed 3rd.
The new season of INPL will start less than one month later (14-16 July). The 1st event will take place in Tehran (Capital of Iran).

Also, I must notice that all foreign teams are able to participate in our league. Registration for Foreign teams in Semi-Pro Division is FREE.


Thank you to ProPaintball insider Nima Razavi!