Pro Paintball team Los Angeles Infamous wins the 2015 PSP Dallas season opener. After several hard fought days playing in the Texas mud, Empire Paintball’s flagship professional team took the gold. Read on for notes from the final match and official results from the event.

LA Infamous wins the 2015 PSP Dallas pro paintball event.
LA Infamous wins the 2015 PSP Dallas pro paintball event.

The final match was played against pro paintball team Houston Heat and went into overtime. The newest member of LA Infamous, Alex “Mouse” Goldman, proved to be an amazing pick up and addition to the team. Mouse proved himself in the final point of the match on the snake side and helping the team seal the deal.


2015 PSP Dallas Open Results

Professional – Champions Division

1st Place – Los Angeles Infamous

2nd Place – Houston Heat

3rd Place – San Diego Dynasty

4th Place – UpTon 187 cRew


Professional – Challengers Division

1st Place – Chicago Aftershock (move up to Champions Division)

2nd Place – Seattle Thunder (move up to Champions Division)

3rd Place – Moscow Red Legion

4th Place – TMG Outlaws


Division 1 Race to 5

1st Place – Seattle Uprising

2nd Place – Birmingham Pr1me

3rd Place – Charlotte Bloodhounds

4th Place – Distortion


Division 2 Race to 5

1st Place – PC Katana

2nd Place – SUPREME

3rd Place – Freestyle

4th Place – Tampa Bay Revolution


Division 3 Race to 4

1st Place – Proedge Army

2nd Place – Ralph Boyz

3rd Place – PR1ME 2

4th Place – NC Xplicit


Division 4 Race to 4

1st Place – Chicago Warped Black

2nd Place – H-Town Notorious FSU

3rd Place – DBS Supersonics

4th Place – OUTLAWS


Open Race to 2

1st Place – LOCKOUT

2nd Place – True Semi

3rd Place – Short Bus


Division 3 Race to 2

1st Place – Cen Cal Alliance

2nd Place – Elite

3rd Place – Storm Riders

4th Place – Revolution


Division 4 Race to 2

1st Place – N.O. Bounty

2nd Place – Proedge Army 2

3rd Place – Toy Soldierz FYF

4th Place – Chi-Town Fury

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