propaintball-icon_128x128After matching first points, both teams hit the scoreboard 1-1. Following a second point scored by Infamous while playing with a minor, the Naughty Dogs ended up received a major penalty. The Naughty Dogs were unable to hold Infamous back as they scored multiple unanswered points making it 5-1. With the player leaving the box, they were able to retake ground quickly on Infamous and score a point making it 5-2. Bearman ended up on a 2v1 against Slasher and Arnold in the snake. He blatantly spun and received a penalty making it 6-2 in favor of Infamous. Infamous broke out slow while controling the field. Bearman ran the penalty and left the box making it all the way to snake corner. They were not able to hold them off as Arod helped close out the game with several minutes left on the clock to play. Infamous wins 7-2.

Both Infamous and the Naughty Dogs finished the prelims 2-2.