HydroTec Paintball Wash Video

HydroTec Paintball Test

HydroTec paintball sent over a video that showcases how easily it is to clean up the mess from the HydroTec’s new paintballs. The video compares the water based paintballs against PEG and Oil based balls.


Statement from HydroTec;

The cleanup of HydroTec is extremely easy. HydroTec is 90-98% water, which means it will evaporate leaving only a thin dry film behind. Whether it is a fresh mark on a playing surface or an evaporated mark, it will wash away with water. There will not be an oily or waxy film that will stay on your field’s playing surfaces for days and years on end. Indoor and outdoor playing surfaces will now be able to withstand the demands of the game and the environment it is played in. HydroTec will not destroy or degrade your playing structures or leave your facility smelling foul. Shell fragments left behind from play, are over time easily broken down by existing soil bacteria without the smell of decaying gelatin. For field owners with multi-level structures, steps or other surfaces the risk of player injury is always a concern with oil fills. HydroTec will not create a slippery environment on playing surfaces.

A second video was available on their youtube channel showcasing a hit on a pair of goggles;