Webisode: NE Hurricanes – Birth of a Storm!

hurricanesBirth of a Storm, a first in a series of online videos from the Hurricanes, provides an inside look at the development of a new pro paintball program and in many ways showcases the future of paintball. This video series (yes, there will be more) and the ones like it will provide another lens for truly exposing the inner-workings and subsequent rise of our sport. We anticipate that we will see several more of these paintball documentaries & webisodes from pro paintball teams throughout the next couple of years as teams begin to develop their brands. In releasing this webisode, Jeff Stein and the Hurricanes may very well become known as trend setters in an industry that has faced a painfully slow transition to accepting and fully utilizing online and social media outlets to their full potential. The webisode that follows is truly inspiring. Watch and learn folks, THIS IS THE FUTURE.


Read on for a few notes from Hurricanes owner Jeff Stein and information on how to stay up to date with the team.

A Few words from Jeff Stein

Early in my ‘career’ in paintball, I had the opportunity to sit at the knee of some real great paintball coaches, captains and team owners. I once followed Lane Wright and Rennick Miller around whining until they agreed to walk fields with us, and so a D2 team had two of the most influential people in paintball at the time, walking around the woods at the Am Open giving us pointers and tips. What an awesome experience for us (Lane and Rennick might not have thought so). It felt like “paintball” as an entity, was encouraging us to play more. Like “paintball” wanted us to be involved. I wonder how often new teams get that feeling, and I am afraid it doesn’t happen nearly often enough.

This is my opportunity to pay it forward.

I don’t know today where this new project will end up but I have an opportunity, and maybe even a responsibility, at least to the players of New England, to try to give a behind-the-scenes view into everything that we are doing, let people experience what it is like to be a member of this team. Maybe give people an opportunity to learn a few things.

Future episodes will show our practices, our participation in local and national events, our own Hurricanes Tournament Series. We’ll get some interactive Q&A sessions with the coaches and the staff so people can get an idea of what is going on in the minds of the people that I trust to make this happen.

I’d like to invite you to become a fan of the team on our new Facebook page and to follow us on Twitter. And, without further adieu, I know its been a long time coming. I hope that this was worth the wait. Episode 1.