Where in the world is Hollywood HK?

Jason "Towlie" Calef

Imagine our surprise when the DC Challenge team registration closed and the notorious Hollywood HK was missing from the D-1 bracket. Its no secret that the Hostile Kids paintball team has experienced several ups and downs during the teams existence, most of which have revolved around the team losing players to the pro ranks. However the 2009 season has been a major reversal from years passed in which the team has attracted several all stars from the pro ranks and featuring among others, Chris “Ponyboy” Lasoya and Bobby “Bobcat” Aviles of San Diego Aftermath. With such a talented roster, its hard to imagine them missing out on the action.

We touched base with a member of the team who indicated that the team will not be attending due to a last minute financial issue. Bummer for the team as rumor has it that at least one of the HK players has joined up with another team to continue playing paintball. Rest assured, east coast HK fans will definitely be upset about this one.

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