Some sad news from Glen Forster.

This last season, the NPPL has lost a major part of it’s history and I hope they get it back.

Ed Poorman: Owner/Founder of Team Avalanche, & Warped Army, Owner of Warped Sportz, Long time NPPL Rules committee member, creator or major brands such as the Dark series guns, Function line of products, Violent series products and the list goes on and on. Ed has a wife and three kids.

Ed’s health has taken a turn for the worst. His liver is no longer functioning and he is on the donor list.

I just talked to him two days ago and he sounded great and even wanted to go into work. He told me his story (he just got out of the hospital from slipping in and out of two separate comas). It scared him greatly when he woke up in a hospital surrounded by his family who were afraid that he was going to die.

I’m telling everyone about this today because I want everyone that knows Ed to get in touch with him and simply be a friend. At this time he needs his friends the most.
Ed knows he has an uphill fight ahead of him and he is not giving up.
He told me that, if he makes it through this, he’s going to change how he lives his life. “I’m no longer going to live to work. I’m going to work to live” he said.

Those of you that know Ed and especially those of you that have played on Team Avalanche over the years knows that Ed will do anything for his friends. He funded most of Team Avalanche personally for many years and never asked for anything in return. Except Win.

Ed, if I have to fly to Kearney Nebraska for a funeral, you’re going to get the Chicken Wing!!! (All Avalanche players know what that is).

Glenn Forster

Brad Johnson
Brad Johnson

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