German "Anti-Paintball Ban" Petition

Our friends over at PBPortal & PBhub are running a petition to save paintball in Germany. They are asking every paintball player to sign this petition. Take a look!

The German Paintball Community asks for your help! Our government is considering a crackdown on paintball after the Winnenden school massacre, which saw teenager Tim Kretschmer shoot 15 people and then himself. Kretschmer hasn’t played paintball – ever. Governing parties in Germany say that the game of paintball a malign influence because it “simulates killing” and trivialises violence. German ballers petitioned the parliament (Bundestag) not to ban the game of paintball. This is where YOU come in …. YOU can help the german paintball community by signing the e-petition! To sign the petition, you will need to create an account for the parliament’s ePetition website first: You need give your name, address and email etc. on the form provided. Once you have completed the registration process you can sign the petition:;sa=details;petition=4145

Yes, everybody is allowed to participate. Not just Germans or people in Germany.

Hopefully they can save the sport of paintball from a overbearing governement. Good luck guys!