The final results for the World Cup of paintball are being filled in as quickly as they come in. Here is the latest scoring information.

Event Standings:
1st – Russian Legion
2nd – Chicago Aftershock
3rd – Tampa Bay Damage
4th – LA Infamous
5th – SD Dynasty
6th – San Antonio X Factor
7th – Los Angles Ironmen
8th – Omaha Vicious
9th – Edmonton Impact
10th – Newport Entourage
11th – Portland Naughty Dogs

Division 1

1st – TonTon Flinguers
2nd – Chattanooga CEP
3rd – X Factor II
4th – DBS Kids

Division 2

1st – upTon 187 Crew
2nd – Distortion
3rd – No Limit
4th – Noble

Division 3

1st – Palm Beach Viper Kids
2nd – Assault
3rd – Top Gun Union
4th – London Relentless

Division 4

1st – Blind Aggression
2nd – HULK
3rd – LIFT Kids
4th – Palm Beach Venom Kids

Masters Xball

1st – Capital Edge Hitters
2nd – Just 4 Fun
3rd – Fluffy Bunnies
4th – Wild Bunch Wheelchair Warriors

Division 2 RaceTo-2

1st Caracas Fusion
2nd Jungle Boyz
3rd Bad News
4th Infusion

Division 3 RaceTo-2

1st Worthless
2nd Doom
3rd LSD
4th Detroit Action

Division 4 RaceTo-2

1st Seek & Destroy
2nd Average Joes
3rd Richmond Rage
4th Outpost Outlawz

Division 5 RaceTo-2

1st CFP Factory D5
2nd NYC Vengeance
3rd BA Kids
4th Postal