Final Scores from 2010 PSP World Cup Paintball Championship

The final results for the World Cup of paintball are being filled in as quickly as they come in. Here is the latest scoring information.

Event Standings:
1st – Russian Legion
2nd – Chicago Aftershock
3rd – Tampa Bay Damage
4th – LA Infamous
5th – SD Dynasty
6th – San Antonio X Factor
7th – Los Angles Ironmen
8th – Omaha Vicious
9th – Edmonton Impact
10th – Newport Entourage
11th – Portland Naughty Dogs

Division 1

1st – TonTon Flinguers
2nd – Chattanooga CEP
3rd – X Factor II
4th – DBS Kids

Division 2

1st – upTon 187 Crew
2nd – Distortion
3rd – No Limit
4th – Noble

Division 3

1st – Palm Beach Viper Kids
2nd – Assault
3rd – Top Gun Union
4th – London Relentless

Division 4

1st – Blind Aggression
2nd – HULK
3rd – LIFT Kids
4th – Palm Beach Venom Kids

Masters Xball

1st – Capital Edge Hitters
2nd – Just 4 Fun
3rd – Fluffy Bunnies
4th – Wild Bunch Wheelchair Warriors

Division 2 RaceTo-2

1st Caracas Fusion
2nd Jungle Boyz
3rd Bad News
4th Infusion

Division 3 RaceTo-2

1st Worthless
2nd Doom
3rd LSD
4th Detroit Action

Division 4 RaceTo-2

1st Seek & Destroy
2nd Average Joes
3rd Richmond Rage
4th Outpost Outlawz

Division 5 RaceTo-2

1st CFP Factory D5
2nd NYC Vengeance
3rd BA Kids
4th Postal