FeatureThis: NPPL Huntington Beach 2011

ProPaintball is proud to announce that FeatureThis Paintball magazine is back for 2011. Matt Dawson, creator of the FeatureThisPB universe, has been slaving away for several weeks to bring you his latest issue, FeatureThis: NPPL Huntington Beach 2011. This issue takes a look back at the last 9 years of NPPL HB events, as well as interviews with Riley Sullivan, Mike Hinman, Ryan Cohen, Texas Storm, J-Snipes, as well as his trademark photography and curve ball questions.

featurethis hb small

This issue has two viewing options, one for large monitors and one for laptops. There is a ton of content on these pages, and we recommend you click the 1:1 button at the top of the magazine on each page to make it easier to enjoy the 80+ pages of high quality tournament paintball gospel.