ETV To Film 2010 VICIOUS Streetball Tournament

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The VICIOUS Tournament Series is proud to announce that ETV (Planet Eclipse TV) will be on hand to film the 2010 VICIOUS Streetball Tournament, held on October 17, 2010. ETV will be on hand to film games, as well as conduct random player interviews for their 2011 ETV DVD. The addition of ETV to an already great atmosphere that the Streetball Tournament provides is sure to make this a day of paintball you don’t want to miss out on!!

The first Streetball Tournament, in 2007, was a huge success. All those who participated enjoyed the event. Beginners, with the help of players from Team VICIOUS, were able to have fun, gain experience, and learn more about the sport. More advanced players had the opportunity to play with a different group of people and in a different atmosphere than the normal tournament setting, while still being able to enjoy the competitive nature as well as learn from their team captains, all players of Professional Team VICIOUS.

The VICIOUS Streetball events held the following 3 years proved to be just as exciting, with the events continually growing in size and popularity. We are looking to continue the tradition of fun for the 4th year in a row with the 2010 VICIOUS Streetball Tournament!

What it is:
The Streetball Tournament is a fun and relaxed 7-player event in which players are randomly assigned to teams by a lottery system before the event. New to the game? Don’t have a team? It doesn’t matter. All players of all skill levels are encouraged to attend. Teams are split up evenly, based on each player’s experience level, determined by their ranking in the American Paintball Players Association (APPA)*. This offers a chance for those with little to no paintball experience to become introduced with a more tournament-styled paintball atmosphere. It also offers a more laidback and unique change of pace for those more experienced players. Each team will be captained by a member of Team VICIOUS, who will assist players by giving tips, answering questions, etc. In addition, each team will receive their own distinct jerseys which the players get to keep. The tournament is made to be as inexpensive as possible, encouraging newer players to participate.

How it works:
Teams are chosen at random through a lottery system. Names are drawn, by chance, based on each player’s APPA* ranking, and assigned to a team. All players with an APPA* ranking of D2 will be drawn first, followed by those with a D3 ranking, followed by D4, and so on, until all players have been assigned teams. Each team will have a member of Team VICIOUS playing with them and acting as the team captain. Due to teams being picked based solely on a lottery system, the playing abilities of each team as a whole are relatively equal among all the teams. This helps ensure that all players attending the event have a fun and positive experience.

* The APPA is an independent player tracking system, used to classify players based on their level of tournament experience. Those with no tournament experience within the APPA system will still be required to sign up and receive a unique identification number to help ensure accuracy in the lottery system.

Event Date:
Sunday October 17, 2010

Event Location:
The 2010 VICIOUS Streetball Tournament is held at Metro Paintball Games in Council Bluffs, Iowa.

The doors will open at 8:00am for player check-in the morning of Sunday October 17, 2010

The address and other information for Metro Paintball Games can be found on their website,
Under the “Lodging” section of their website is a list of hotels that are close to the field that offer discounted rooms to players. There is also a wide variety of restaurants close to the hotels and field.

Entry Fee:
Registration for the 2010 VICIOUS Streetball Tournament is $45 per player (due when the player signs up). This includes a custom 2010 Streetball Tournament jersey for the player to keep, as well as includes the field fee and air fee.
Unfortunately, we do have to put a limit on the number of players that can attend the event. To help ensure that you get a spot in the tournament this year, make sure to sign up early so you don’t miss out!!!

The 2010 VICIOUS Streetball Tournament is an Event Paint Only event. Paintballs will be priced at $60 (after tax) per case of 2000 paintballs. In order to help ensure that the event is fair and fun for every player, the teams will be using team paint for their games. This means that at the beginning of the day each player purchases a single case of paint, and the team as a whole uses all of this paint first. After this paint has been consumed, each player will pitch in more paint as necessary. If the team only needs to purchase 4 more cases, then the cost of tose 4 cases is divided evenly among everyone on the team.

This year we have elected to have a higher grade of paint available at the tournament than in years past. We feel this will help ensure a fun environment for all of the participating players.

APPA (American Paintball Players Association):
Each player is required to have an APPA identification number for the 2010 VICIOUS Streetball Tournament. This id number must be submitted when the player signs up for the tournament. If you do not have an APPA number, you can sign up for one at Please make sure the information you submit is correct, as it will be used to determine your APPA rank, and will impact which round of the lottery you are picked in.

To sign up today you can email [email protected] OR you can call the store directly and talk to Jake at 402-502-3434