ESPN paintball Webcast and TV rumors

ProPaintball insiders report that the ESPN NPPL Webcast is off to a great start. Sources tell us that the NPPL has pulled out all of the stops to make sure this footage sets a lasting impression for ESPN and paintball viewers world wide. Brad Maughan (retired. DYNASTY player and videographer) is running the show. According to insiders, Brad will be joined by an All-Star production crew including Patrick Sopher from Monkey With a Gun who will be switching, Matty Marshall will be commentating, Rob from Derder will be shooting footage. Dan Napoli from Eclipse-TV will be producing post-game wrap ups with with Tyson Maughan, who shot the interviews in Rivalry. Last but not least, Sami Ansari will be shooting footage as well. Sami’s credentials include filming Jawwbreaker, Dynasty Dysected, and the Pure Promotions Huntington Beach television show that was aired on Fox Sports in 2003.


Insiders tell ProPaintball that if the NPPL & ESPN are looking for 100,000 viewers to tune in this weekend. If the magic number is reached, there is a very high likelihood that pro paintball will once again be broadcasted on television in a regular series format. Be sure to tune in (and make sure your neighbors and family/friends tune in as well) as we need those numbers!

The NPPL Huntington Beach Surf City Open will be broadcast Live! on ESPN 3 this Friday, Saturday and Sunday. For further information, check out and select “Paintball” from the Sports drop down menu.