Press release:

Empire and Empire Battle Tested are at it again.

For this limited time all teams can apply to be Sponsored Like a Pro.

If you have heart and love for the game and are on a team of 3 or more then here is your chance. Go to the official application section and fill out the form. Our excited team here will review you’re application and if accepted into this exclusive fraternity you’re set for the year!

Now get off your butt and get online to apply. After that be sure to Tweet, Facebook, MySpace or all of the above that Empire and Empire Battle Tested personally asked you to apply!

This is your formal invitation teams,  don’t blow this opportunity to take the podium with your fellow PROS!


Playing regularly since 1997. Competed in local, regional, national and international paintball series. Founded and lead Long Beach State to a National Collegiate Championship victory. Proudly banned from the NPPL after legitimately winning a 5 on 1. Have since made it a hobby to promote paintball and at the same time make a point to call out paintball industry shenanigans and those that intentionally impede the growth of paintball. Welcome to