Pro Paintball reader DT pointed out an eBay listing that caught his eye. The Planet Eclipse SL91 Geo,  otherwise known as “the GEO that never was”. The marker was listed at $1.00 and is currently in a bidding war and selling for $6,700.00 with 46 bids and 4 days to go. This GEO is 1-of-10 and features several prototype parts and custom anodizing. Read on for the paintball gun details, part list and other interesting trivia about the SL91 GEO.


According to the ebay listing;

The SL91. The GEO that Never Was! This marker was designed and prototyped in early 2009, but never went into production. The plug was pulled on the project for a number of reasons, the main one of which was the simple problem of their only being 24 hours in each day (Don’t worry we are working on hour 25).

To date there has only ever been one SL91 that has ever been anodised and assembled which has seen the light of day, and that has been in the hands of our very own Steve “Flash” Monks.

Well, until now that is. In total ten SL91 prototypes were manufactured but have been under lock and key in the R&D Lab. Jack decided he wanted to have his own gun (believe it or not he has not had a gun to call his own since 2003!) so dusted down the box of parts and set about making his very own SL91. That leaves us with 8.

So with a number of these going to a short list of very persistent techs, dealers and long-serving friends and allies of Eclipse that have hounded us over the last few months to get their hands on one of these prototypes, that number has been reduced by a further 6.

But I have managed to snag two for a couple of very lucky customers. These two SL91’s are currently sat in production, unanodised, waiting for ‘Your’ choice of colours. I am going to put these two up on eBay (one at a time, when the first auction ends the next SL91 will go up) and the highest bidder for each one can choose whatever colour their heart desires. The SL91’s will be finished in all Dust Anodised Parts and each part can be whatever colour anodizing you like (as long as it’s possible).

Below is a list of parts that the SL91 comes with:

1)      SL91 Body

2)      SL91 Eye Covers

3)      SL91 Feedtube

4)      SL91 Frame

5)      Ego10 Trigger

6)      SL2 Barrel (3 Backs and 2 Tips)

7)      GST Bolt and Can

8)      Prototype Softnose Bolt

9)      Prototype ST1.5 Can

10)   Ego9/10 Grip

11)   SL94 Reg

12)   Ego10 Circuit Board w/SL91 boot-up screen and Ego10 Screen/Console

13)   Certificate of Authenticity signed by both Jack Wood and Flash


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