Dynasty vs Ironmen

propaintball-icon_128x128Ironmen start the match off unanswered 2-0. With Dynasty returning points they get it back to 2-3 until the Ironmen turn it around with yet another strong point making it 4-2. Dynasty‘s Yosh Rau made a nice run down the highway, taking out Brandon Short and drawing the Ironmen‘s attention while the rest of the team cleaned up the game and bringing the game up to 4-3. The Ironmen returned the favor, picking off Dynasty one by one to bring the score to Ironmen 5 vs Dynasty 3. During the next point, Brandon Short took snake corner off break and tried to force Justin Schwarz (Dynasty) off the field. The Dynasty sideline coach alerted Justin, who charged out of the snake and eliminated Brandon and the rest of the Ironmen for the win, score Dynasty 4, Ironmen 5. Ironmen picked up the remaining two games and finished the match with a 3 point spread over Dynasty.

Final score: Ironmen (7) vs Dynasty (4).