Dynasty holding tryouts

San Diego Dynasty

In a recent rumor report we discussed how San Diego Dynasty, an Empire Paintball team, cut a few of their non-native players from their roster. In light of recent events, it is known that Dynasty has been holding practice/tryouts at Camp Pendleton. It is also rumored that another top pro player may have been spotted at one of these events, namely Oliver Lang (website).

It seems that as of late yesterday, Dynasty has extended their tryouts to the mass public via a post by Dynasty coach, Mike Hinman. Although it appears that they have a 10-man roster, they are looking for an 11th.

Dynasty will be having a tryout on Feb 5th and 6th. We are looking for a front player. You must be a solid Snake player. You also need to be quick! Please PM me and I will let you know if you will be invited out. This is the opportunity of a lifetime. You will be expected to practice 3 weekends a month. This will be our 11th spot on the roster with a chance to earn your way onto one of the greatest teams ever. – Mike

Do you have what it takes to become a member of the most winningest team in paintball?

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