DYE Video Release of LE Ironmen DM9

DYE Precision Incorporated today released an informative video featuring a Limited Edition of their highly acclaimed DM9 paintball marker. The video highlights some of the exceptional features of the Limited Edition Ironmen DM9 that makes it such a sought after marker.

Even when the best players in the world are shooting the best markers in the world, there is still room for improvement. Utilizing championship proven performance upgrades, the new LE Ironmen DM9 marker is built directly off the heavily modified platform of the Ironmen’s personal tournament markers. Superior Performance components, previously unavailable to the public, are only offered in the custom tailored, LE Ironmen DM9. The best just got better.

For more information on the Limited Edition Ironmen DM9 and all of its upgrades and proven features, please visit www.dyepaintball.com