Divisional Paintball Rumor Report

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Todays divisional rumor report features the latest paintball news and gossip on Total Karnage Orlando, Warped Army, Denver Fury, 187 Crew and the WCPPL.

  • Total Karnage Orlando was rumored to be picking up several RNT-All Star players and Dynasty’s Alex Goldman. The latest word on the street is the teams money man may have backed out of the organization, placing TKO’s PSP pro debut into jeopardy.
  • Division 1 teams Warped Army and Denver Fury are looking to purchase a pro franchise in the NPPL.
  • Shortly after PSP World Cup 2010, rumors surfaced in the SmackBox that 187 Crew would be pulling together a few pros and joining the PSP Pro division. Pro Paintball staff familiar with the team indicate that 187 Crew is playing D1 PSP this season and possibly pro in the NPPL.
  • The WCPPL steering committee, composed of team owners from the premier division, have green lighted semi-pro players playing in the premier (d2) division.According to Ahmari “Bhreze” Harville¬†of the WCPPL;

    Premier Division may have two (2) D1 players OR one (1) D1 and (1) Semi-Pro

  • Arsenal Predators will no longer be playing together and will not be back for the 2010 season. The team has disbanded after about 3 years together. Some players have taken a break from paintball for now and other have found homes on other teams(most notably Assault).*
  • Assault will be moving up the ranks after a standout season in D3 and will be playing D1 in the 2011 season. They have picked up a few players from the Predators and hope to come out swinging this season. They have also picked up some pretty big sponsorships, most notably empire and dlx. The team will be wearing empire gear and shooting luxes this season.*

Rumors marked with * credit to EastCoastBaller.