DC Arsenal wins the 2009 USPL West Coast Open Paintball Tournament

DC Arsenal defeated St. Louis Avalanche for professional title at the West Coast Open. Following in their steps, division 1 team Dynasty Entourage was victorious after a hard fought match up against Arsenal Evolution. Our Saturday and Sunday photo galleries and Sunday highlight video will be go live later this afternoon and early tomorrow. In the mean time check out the finalists from divisions 1-3, 5man and pump below the jump..

Oakland-Blast-breakoutPro Paintball
1st – DC Arsenal
2nd – St. Louis Avalanche
3rd – San Antonio X-Factor
4th – Oakland BLAST

Division 1
1st – Dynasty Entourage
2nd – Arsenal Evolution
3rd – HK Army / Hollywood HK
4th – Warped Army

Division 2
1st – Senate
2nd – Infamy
3rd – Arsenal Predators
4th – Monster Hitmen

Division 3 – 5man
1st – KGB Mob
2nd – Team RIP
3rd – Good for Nothing
4th – Fresno Misfits

Pump 5-man
1st – LA Hitmen.com
2nd – Paintball Gateway.com
3rd – Hard Eight
4th – Field of Fire.com