David Kuzinicki to run Paintball Arizona (PBAZ)

Many of you will recall that a few years back professional paintball player Junior Brown purchased paintball forums SacPB.com & PBAZ.com. Both of these message boards were hotbeds for discussion in their respective regions. Junior began investing time to build up regional paintball through his BallersCafe.com ┬ábrand but midway through the process, Junior was cherry picked away. KEE Action Sports brought Junior Brown on in 2011 to spearhead the JT Paintball brand revival. Now, managing both a professional paintball career and a top paintball brand, JB’s time is short.

Pro paintball player Junior Brown

Here is an announcement that Junior sent out moments ago discussing new management for PBAZ.com.

As some of you may or may not know, I’ve been putting a lot of my time into XSV and JT Paintball, for the last 12 + months. I have not been showing PBAZ the time that is needed to achieve the goals I wanted to with this forum. Whit that being said I am pleased to announce that Dave (digitard) will be heading up our day-to-day operations on PBAZ.com and it’s interaction with the community. We believe that paintball is a sport that encompasses all ages, and we are dedicated to giving players of all ages and skill levels a place to learn about the sport, their AZ fields, and talk with other like-minded AZ players. With this Dave will be handling interaction with PBAZ members, our advertisers, future advertising partners, and working with our community to make PBAZ the hub of information we believe it can be.

I’m looking forward to the ideas being executed now Dave is working with me, and wish him luck for the future.

-Junior Brown