propaintball-icon_128x128After a hard fought match, many of the points went back and forth but Damage came out on top. Damage coming off of a practice against the Ironmen only two weekends ago, received a quality practice from an over aggressive team which came into play for this match. As both teams came in fighting over a spot into Sunday, each point showed just that. With penalties on both sides of the fifty, each team struggled along the way. With less than a minute left, Aftermath answered to Damage and brought the match within one point. At 5-4 both teams came out hard, Aftermath to tie it, Damage to take it. Damage ended up winning the point and spreading the match 6-4. With :28 second to play, both teams came out aggressive once again and Damage ended up hanging the flag for the 7th point to help their spread into Sunday.

Stay tuned for the match on the field showing Ironmen vs. Dynasty. As Matt Marshall said on the webcast, “This is ProPaintball.”

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