Damage beats the Heat in PSP Galveston Pro Paintball Finals

Hard fought paintball matches were had all day at the University of Phoenix Stadium today. This morning started off with pro teams Houston Heat and Tampa Bay Damage battling one another in the prelims. Ironically, the day ended with both teams facing off again in the finals for first and second. The matches played today were played to compete the PSP Galveston event in which a nasty storm knocked out several paintball fields.

Tampa Bay Damage
Pro Paintball team Tampa Bay Damage

After a hard fought match, Tampa Bay Damage beat out Houston Heat for the PSP Galveston Open title. Tampa Bay Damage, a DYE Paintball team, played exceptionally well and finished strong in the finals. This was Houston Heat’s first event in the pro paintball division and the team definitely proved they are not messing around. San Diego Dynasty placed in third and the Los Angeles Ironmen placed in 4th.

Tune in tomorrow for Day 1 of the PSP Phoenix Open paintball event. ProPaintball will be hosting a free paintball webcast and live chat, powered by Paintball Access.


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