D1 Paintball News & Rumors

division 1 paintball teams Hurricanes and Top Gun battling it out

ProPaintball insiders indicate that there will be an influx of new pro paintball teams joining the PSP in 2012. Division 1 teams Upton 187, Assault, New England Hurricanes, TKO and Top Gun are all planning on going pro in 2012. In addition, pro paintball team Sacramento XSV is said to be rejoining the PSP pro division in 2012. If all 6 of these paintball teams made the jump they would bring the total number of PSP Pro paintball teams to 16. Talk about a huge increase!

Adding support to the Hurricanes “going pro” rumor, the New England Hurricanes are said to be closing in on an major cash sponsorship from a non-industry source. Rumors have it that Jeff Stein has uncovered Danny Manning’s old NIKE lead. With the pick up of pro player Billy Bernacchia and the teams recent win at the PSP 2011 Chicago Open, all signs are indicating they will be making the jump to pro in 2012.

In anticipation of PSP New Jersey, pro and divisional paintball teams are going to be putting in additional practice time at various parks to fine tune their skills. Pro paintball team Los Angeles Ironmen and D-1 team LIFT are planning a practice at OXCC in Maryland. Also in Maryland, Upton 187 & Assault are planning a big practice at Paintball Adventure Park in two weeks.


What do you think about the rumored influx of pro teams in the PSP 2012 season? Will they all make the jump?